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Hello / Gday.


This is the portfolio of Gareth Procter, a Graphic Designer from the UK, now living and working in Australia. Currently I'm co-founder and Creative Director at Sonnet a brand design consultancy, based in Sydney.

I've been a professional designer for 14 years, starting my career as a typesetter and working my way into leading creative roles at some of the world's most highly regarded design studios. Along the way I've worked for all manner of agencies, from small specialists to large multi-national groups. My accumulated experience covers a variety of mediums from branding and packaging, to print, digital and even environmental design, for clients in sectors as varied as technology, property, luxury and finance. 

This background has provided me with a combination of hands-on practical knowledge and high level conceptual thinking, enabling me to look at a problem with a broad perspective and deliver a solution with precision. 

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